Tuesday, May 11, 2010

eduKayt's Tip of the Day 5/11/10: Turn The Lights On

Before you start listening to your favorite Beyonce song Sweet Dreams aka TURN THE LIGHTS ON (yelled frantically) you better stop and listen! Don't turn the fucking lights on just yet!

While watching the eduKayt marathon in the dark on your projector, I know you've been going in and out of the kitchen grabbing donuts, cookies, and vodka bottles. And my guess is that you never washed your hands before turning the fucking lights on!!!! BAM, caughtcha bitch. Do you know how many fucking germs are on your light switch plate?!

Grab one of those sexy clorox wipes and go around your house wiping the shit off of those damn light switch plates. You and your doctor will thank me.

Consider yourself eduKayted.

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