Friday, May 21, 2010

eduKayt's Project of the Weekend 5/21/10: Clean That Pussy

Has it been a while since you've groomed your cat or dog? Save some benjamins and do it your-fucking-self! Believe it or not, dogs aren't the only ones who like baths. Cats do too. Some pussies love to be wet.

1) Fill up a bathtub with warm water. Use enough water so it is just below their belly.

2) Use some pet shampoo and lather them up. Really get in there. It will be like a fucking massage and they'll love you forever. For cats, you can buy an anti-hairball shampoo. It's fucking amazing.

3) Take an empty pitcher and rinse them off with clean water.

4) Wrap them in a towel, sing them a song, and let them the fuck out of the bathroom.

Consider yourself eduKayted.

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