Friday, May 14, 2010

eduKayt's Project of the Weekend 5/14/10: Prime It Up

We're gonna prime your weekend away! How many fucking little paint spots or smudges do you have on your baseboards and trim? Too fucking many, trust me. It's time to do a little touching up, bitches.

1) Run down to your local hardware store and grab a small paint brush (1" tops), a small container of paint primer, some blue paint tape, and a paint stirrer.

2) Pull out those old sheets you threw in the closet from the last time you painted.

3) Spread those sheets on the floor so you don't fuck up your carpet or hardwood.

4) Use the tape to cover the parts of the wall you don't want to prime. And be fucking exact cause otherwise you will see uneven lines of paint and you'll be all pissed off.

5) Open up the can of primer and stir that bitch for about a minute.

6) Dip your paint brush in about halfway and start covering up those spots.

If the last time you primed your door frame was 17 years ago, then this primer will look really fucking white. So you will have to prime the whole frame, not just do touch-ups. Don't be a pussy... it will be ok.

Consider yourself eduKayted.

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