Friday, February 19, 2010

eduKayt's Tip of the Weekend 2/19/10: Bug Off!

Happy fucking Friday! While you're out tonight at the bar getting drunk and telling all of your sexy co-worker stories from the week, know that you're not the only one celebrating the weekend. In your carpet, in your corners, outside your front door, and even in your BED are BUGS! These little fuckers are everywhere and no matter what you do, you will always get bugs inside your house. Well at least you can minimize their entry and put a kibosh on their little parties! Get yourself down to your local hardware store or Home Depot and grab some bug spray... exterminator style. I do this once every six months in order to lock down my fortress. Get a one gallon container with an attached spray nozzle and walk around your house like John Goodman!

Consider yourself eduKayted.

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