Friday, March 5, 2010

eduKayt's Project of the Weekend 3/5/10: Craigslist It!

Welcome to eduKayt's Project of the Weekend! This weekend, get your ass online and find a sexy, preferably antique, battered and therefore CHEAP piece of furniture! Skip the crowd at IKEA and buy something super cheap that you can make YOURS. Whether it's a table, dresser, or headboard, here's what you can do to make it SEXY!

1) Bring it home and clean it up. Make sure all the fucking dust mites and shit is off it.

2) Decide what your vision is for the piece. Mainly decide about stain (if it's wood) or paint.

3) Run down to your hardware store and grab some sand paper and wood stain/paint.

4) Prepare your work area with shit loads of newspaper and do this outside. If you can't work outside, make sure you're in a well ventilated area or you'll start hacking and shit.

5) Sand out the rough spots and apply necessary coats of stain/paint to the furniture.

6) Open up a brewski and watch it dry!

Consider yourself eduKayted.

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