Friday, April 2, 2010

eduKayt's Project of the Weekend 4/2/10: Pots & Plants

Happy fucking easter! This weekend we will be planting some flowers in your sexy outdoor space! Whether you have a huge yard or just a balcony, you can add some flowers to jazz it up.

1) Before you go shopping for plants, know how much sunlight your outdoor area gets. For example, if you get no direct sunlight, don't go buying roses! Impatiens are great for shady spaces.

2) Get down to your local store and buy some pots, soil, and flowers.

3) For HUGE flowers, throw in some miracle grow. As I always say, go big or go home.

4) For all you delicate flowers, grab some gardening gloves so you don't fuck up your manicure.

5) Pick up a garden spade and start digging.

6) Follow the directions for your particular flower and make sure you dig enough space.

7) Put the plant in and fill the hole with the leftover soil.

8) Water once a day or according to directions. Some flowers need less, some more.

Throw in some easter lilies and consider yourself eduKayted.

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