Monday, December 21, 2009

eduKayt's Tip of the Day 12/21/09: Homemade Gifts

We're in a recession, whores, so don't go to the fucking mall this year. Stay home and make some "HOMEMADE" gifts "FROM THE HEART"! Here are some of my favorite ideas:

1) Go to your local supermarket and grab your favorite jam. When you get home, empty it into a plain glass jar, tie a ribbon around the top, and slap a stick on it saying "from the kitchen of: eduKayt (or your name)". Everyone will think you're fucking amazing! They will be dying for your jam recipe and will never know you spent less than $5!!

2) Peel off the label/sticker from a candle you already have in your house. Wrap it up and give it to that special someone! Even if it's halfway burned, just say you ran out of HOMEMADE wax! They will be so fucking impressed that you made them a candle, they won't care if it's used!

3) Print out a photo of a homeless/sick child from a third world country. Stick the photo in a card with a note saying "In lieu of a gift, I donated money to send Pablo to school for 1 whole year!" They will be tickled fucking pink that you are so caring and thoughtful!

Consider yourself eduKayted.

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